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Applicant Tracking/onboarding Software

  • June 27, 2024 7:21 AM
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    Char Raine

    Ivins City uses BambooHR as our HRIS.  BambooHR is intuitive with hiring and onboarding, then the information collected becomes the employee file.  Their integration, ongoing support, general HR education (podcasts, webinars, etc.) and customer service are impressive. You can add modules such as payroll, benefits, performance management, etc. They bill month-to-month on a per employee basis and have no long-term contract. We don't use Caselle so I can't speak to how it would integrate.  BHR is headquartered in Lindon, Utah.  Good luck with choosing the HRIS that fits your needs!

  • June 26, 2024 9:34 AM
    Reply # 13374750 on 13372696
    Ali Workman

    Here with Ogden City we use Applicant Pro. It is truly amazing!  We also use the software HireForms to have new hires complete paperwork electronically.  Last year we added their sister software Wedge for online video interviews.

    We are huge promoters of Applicant Pro. Plus their customer service is amazing.  I've been through so many implementations at this point and I can honestly say Applicant Pro has one of the best customer service support departments. They didn't grow too quickly and have the right amount of support to help resolve issues quickly. Let me know if you have any questions. - Good Luck. 

  • June 26, 2024 8:16 AM
    Reply # 13374709 on 13372696

    I also am in search of a new HRIS so this feed is awesome. We also use Caselle for payroll and utility billing. I've had demos with ApplicantPro(iSolved), NEOGOV, TimeClock Plus, and Caselle(for the rest of their HR related modules). 

    I'm leaning toward ApplicantPro and anyone willing to discuss the pros/cons I would welcome it. Please feel free to reach out.


  • June 26, 2024 7:15 AM
    Reply # 13374675 on 13372696
    Bryce King

    We use BambooHR. We just implemented it and are still learning, but it was the best option for our city. 

  • June 25, 2024 2:11 PM
    Reply # 13374424 on 13372696
    Shauna Greer

    We use Caselle and Applicant Pro. Although we don't use the integration feature. From what I understand all it does is transfer over the name and address of the applicant. Which doesn't really save us much time and is an additional cost. 

    We love Applicant Pro. It's worked really well for us. 

  • June 21, 2024 8:58 AM
    Reply # 13372929 on 13372696
    Jill Tew (Administrator)

    We are currently using ApplicantPro and we love it! We implemented it last year and it has made a huge improvement in our process. Supervisors and applicants love using it and we have seen better adherence to following processes and faster completion of onboarding paperwork which also makes HR life easier. I am happy to talk more about it with you and answer questions if you want to look into it further.

  • June 21, 2024 7:34 AM
    Reply # 13372875 on 13372696
    Tim Johnson

    Here's a strong No vote for Paychex.  They were tough to work with.  I don't know the other two very well.

    I have heard great feedback about JazzJR and Paylocity.  Rippling is flat amazing, but you pay well for it.

    SmartRecruiters is free and works pretty well if you don't want to get too fancy.

  • June 20, 2024 3:08 PM
    Message # 13372696

    I'm new in my position as HR Manager.  I'm looking to update paper processes and replacing them with Applicant tracking and onboarding software.  We use Caselle for payroll and utility billing currently.  Does anyone know of such software that integrates well with Caselle?  I'm strongly leaning towards ApplicantPro.  But, has anyone heard of or used Paychex or ClearCo?  Any thoughts you have would greatly appreciated!

PSHRA Utah (Email) 

Current President: Jill Tew

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