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About Us: 

The Public Sector Human Resources Association Utah Chapter (PSHRA Utah) is a dynamic chapter affiliated with the Public Sector Human Resources Association (PSHRA. Our chapter encompasses the entire state of Utah and is dedicated to serving public sector human resources professionals from various organizations, including city, county, state, district, academic institutions, and students pursuing HR studies at the undergraduate or graduate level.

As a leading resource for public sector HR professionals, PSHRA Utah provides a platform for professional development, networking, and collaboration. Our chapter membership continues to grow as HR practitioners in the public sector discover the numerous opportunities we offer.

Purpose and Objectives

The purpose and objectives of PSHRA Utah are:

  1. Align with the goals and initiatives of the Public Sector Human Resources Association within our chapter area.
  2. Foster a forum where public personnel administrators can engage in discussions on current challenges, facilitating mutual self-improvement.
  3. Promote effective communication and knowledge-sharing among HR professionals.
  4. Recognize and enhance the contributions of HR professionals to public service, thereby elevating their image and influence.
  5. Encourage research and development in the field of human resource management.
  6. Facilitate professional growth, ethical standards, and career development for HR practitioners.
  7. Promote best practices in human resource management within the public sector.
  8. Mentor and support new professionals entering the field of public human resource management.

The Unique Nature of Public Sector Human Resources

PSHRA Utah acknowledges the distinctive characteristics of public sector HR and strives to address them effectively. We understand and respond to:

  1. The importance of due process and compliance with public sector employment laws, keeping our members informed about relevant legal changes.
  2. The need for practical and ethical approaches to overcome the resource limitations faced by public sector organizations.
  3. The impact of political influences within public organizations and assist our members in navigating these complexities successfully.
  4. The inherently public and transparent nature of the work environment in which HR professionals operate.
  5. The opportunities and limitations associated with managing a mission-based workforce.

PSHRA Utah is led by an executive board that includes the following positions:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Past President
  • At-large Board Members

Our dedicated executive board members work collaboratively to advance the goals of our association and provide valuable support and guidance to our members.

We welcome you to explore our website, engage with our community, and take advantage of the resources and opportunities available through PSHRA Utah. Together, let's drive excellence in public sector human resources and contribute to the success of our organizations and communities.

PSHRA Utah (Email) 

Current President: Jill Tew

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