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Senate Bill 140 - URS Tier II Pick-Up Elections

  • January 24, 2024 10:22 AM
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    Keep an eye on Senate Bill 140.  This is a bill that would give employers the option to "pick-up" the upcoming employee share of the pension cost for Tier 2 employees.  This options is already in the public safety retirement law but not the general workforce.  Many of us are waiting to see what the legislature does with this so we can prepare for our July budgets and the URS rate change coming on line this July. 

    I anticipate there will be a lot of discussion in this forum about what everyone is going to do about the rate changes - pass them on to public safety employees (and others if the law changes) or pick them up and employer pay part or all of it.  It's going to be an interesting budget year for many of us.

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